A degree in design, years of classroom training and extensive corporate experience ensures my instructional design work delivers results that surpass client expectations.

Despite having experience in a variety of online training, I recognise not all problems are solved with eLearning. I enjoy analysing training requests to figure out the best solution.

I am a very visual instructional designer. I usually create mockups so clients can visualise the end result before writing technical storyboards.

We enjoyed working with Ant to roadmap our eLearning needs. His expertise added a huge amount of value to our project.
— Matt Boffey (Managing Director at London Strategy Unit)


Having experimented with storyboarding in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline and Google Docs, I have recently discovered a storyboarding tool called Plot, which I feel is a possible improvement on the other tools.

I am an Adobe Photoshop whizz and enjoy creating visual mockups of the eLearning and other training interventions before building complex storyboards.

I have vast experience with a number of LMS. I have experimented with other tools for hosting eLearning and improving the instructional design workflow and enjoy implementing these to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Ant worked as part of our team on several eLearning projects. The quality of his instructional design work is excellent,
— Martin Talbot (Senior Instructional Designer at Capita)


Since I started working for myself, I have planned and developed eLearning storyboards for many renowned eLearning agencies, working both alone and as part of a team.

I also have vast experience managing instructional design projects. I have done so for numerous global clients and before that as an employee in several full-time roles.