I truly believe video is the future of eLearning. We all know how powerful video is in marketing and entertainment, so why not for training too?

The usual objection is cost, but I don’t buy that argument - you already have an incredibly powerful camera in your pocket (your smartphone). With some creative thinking, anyone can use video to support their audience.

Ant created engaging storyboards and then produced technical training videos for our in-house software. Working together was an absolute pleasure.
— Katrin Kircheis (Training Manager at Sedex Global)


Comfortable in front of and behind camera, I also love editing! Advanced user of Camtasia Studio for screencasts, Adobe Premiere for video and a range of animation tools, I’m also confident with DSLR videography and recording and editing high quality voiceover.

I have also provided consultancy on video hosting options.

Ant developed a series of eLearning videos to support our complex software, which has drastically reduced the number of queries we receive about how the product works.
— Laura Elizabeth (Founder of Client Portal)


I have created hundreds of software training videos, animated explainers and YouTube videos for clients, employers and personal projects. I have a track record of overcoming the creative challenges and technical complexities inherent with video to achieve a projects objectives.

I run a software training video service called Videobites, through which I have delivered several projects consisting of hundreds of videos in many different languages.

I have also built a popular YouTube channel with vlog style videos, aimed at supporting the eLearning community. This has further enhanced my understanding of using video in training.